Virginia Beach, VA
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Band and Orchestral Instruments

In addition to renting band instruments, Moe’s Music is a dealer for band and orchestral products by Conn-Selmer.  Brand names include Artley, Conn, Emerson, Holton, LeBlanc, Selmer, Bach, Glaesel, and Lewis.  We also specialize in used band and orchestral instruments, and you never can tell what you might find in our store.  You can rent band instruments online from us by going to the following URL:, and as always, please call our store with any questions.

Guitars and Amplifiers

It’s fair to say that Moe’s Music is a guitar store most of all.  Electric brands we generally carry include Spear Guitars, Jay Turser, Ventura, Greg Bennet designed Samick Guitars, and AXL.  Our acoustic lines also include
Takamine, Washburn, Oscar Schmidt, Ventura, Johnson, Savannah, and Recording King. Once again, we generally have a varying selection of fine used guitars, both acoustic, electric and bass. Amp wise, we are a dealer for Marshall, Eden, Traynor and VHT.

Effects and Electronics

Here at Moe’s Music we stock and sell popular guitar effects by Digitech, MXR and Dunlop, TC Electronics and Electro-Harmonix. We also usually have a pretty good selection of used effects as well.

Ludwig and Zildjian cymbals

Here at Moe’s Music, we rent a lot of different items.  Of course, band and orchestral instruments are a big part of the mix, with the most popular instruments renting for as little as $19.99 for the first three months during the school rental season beginning in mid July and lasting through October.  The rest of the year, instrument rentals currently start at $27.99 per month.
We also rent P.A. systems all year long, with our smallest system renting for $60.00 per night, and the biggest (10 channel powered mixer, mains and monitors, speaker stands) for $121.00 per night. We rent Yorkville Sound gear.
And if you need to rent a bass guitar or guitar for one night or one month, we will do our best to be accommodating.

Just call 431-8888.